What Is Denture Repair?

Over time, people may lose a few teeth, and rely on dentures, but dentures do not last forever. It is normal to incur damages on dentures no matter how careful you are with them. Because dentures are subject to daily wear and tear, they need to be repaired once in a while. Dentures with a few loose teeth need minor repairs whereas those with several loose or dislodged teeth will need total repair. There are also cases where the denture gradually becomes ill-fitting because of bone atrophy in the patient’s mouth, or the loss of a few good teeth unto which partial dentures are attached. In this case, the denture has to be repaired or relined.

Partial and full dentures usually need regular relining every 2 years. On the 8th year mark, the dentist will require the patient to get a new set of dentures. Within 2 to 8 years, dentures also have to be occasionally repaired.

Denture Repair Process

Patients have to schedule an appointment with their dentist near Dupont Circle DC first to pinpoint their problems during an examination and consultation. Some denture repairs require only a few hours, whereas others could take a few days, coupled with 3 to 5 visits to the dentist. If patients are experiencing biting, speaking, drinking and chewing problems due to their dentures, the dentist will conduct X-rays to check the condition of the jaw and remaining teeth. Gum condition will also be assessed. For major repairs, and total replacement of dentures, a new impression of the patient’s teeth and mouth has to be made in silicone putty or polyvinylsiloxane mold.

After a few days, the dentist will have come up with a new or repaired set of dentures, which the patient has to try on their second or third visit. Any oral and dental discomfort has to be assessed by the dentist, so the denture can be readjusted again.

A steep price does not mean the best. There are affordable dental services that offer reliable denture repairs. You always have a lot of options when it comes to dental health.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

It is advisable to never drop your dentures at any height. Brush them before going to bed. Make sure to remove any food matter stuck between the teeth. Leave them soaked in a denture solution to further clean them overnight. Investing in a home denture repair kit will help you quickly fix minor cracks and loose teeth, saving you the inconvenience of dental appointments. Your dentist can recommend a denture repair kit, or you can simply buy it over-the-counter in drugstores, in stores like Walmart, or even online. Patients must never use superglue as an emergency fix to damaged dentures. Taking good care of your dentures will help you avoid additional dental expenses.