Technology Has Helped Us Make Missing Teeth A Thing Of The Past

Many of us take our present technology, and living conditions, for granted, don’t we? Think about the technology available in 19th century, for example. If you had an accident which caused one of your teeth to rip loose from your gum line, how do you think the dentists of that time period would have tried to fix it?

The reality is they weren’t able to do much about it. In cases where a tooth needed to be replaced, the person went about their business without a tooth. That was about as extensive as cosmetic dentistry was at that point in time. The problem with that approach is that unless there is a replacement positioned back into place, the teeth, on that gum line, will start shift over time. This shift can have an adverse effect on your overall oral health over the course of time.

In addition the jawbone begins to lose bone density as well. Unfortunately, bone density can be lost quite easily, and is built with an extreme amount of work. The truth is many people will not go through the process necessary to build up their jawbone again; so rather than deal with that – what makes more sense is just to make sure that never happens in the first place.

When it comes to replacing teeth, in the world we live in today, there seems to be no better solution than dental implants. Of course, there are other treatments dentists use for cosmetic dentistry, but implants provide what no other alternative can – an actual tooth that replaces the one lost. When an implant is placed properly, and crowned properly, than there is nothing quite as good – period, end of story.

Think about this as well. Implants do not form cavities like a real tooth does; and that is because a tooth is an actual, living part of your oral bio-system. There are nerves in your teeth, that are attached to the body. This is where the tooth receives nutrients from. An implant is prosthetic. It’s as strong as a tooth, but does not require anything to keep it strong, and healthy.

If you are thinking about having implant treatment performed, and are living in New York City, or Tri-state area, you want to go online, and type, “dental implants nyc,” to get more information about the Tooth Implant Pros; a network referral group, that brings together patients in need, with dentist’s looking to add more new cases to their roster.