Natural Eye Care Tips

Vision problems are continually becoming a common ailment recently. Visual problems are caused by many factors; one of the leading causes is fatigue and strain of the eye. The increase in the number of hours that people spend on the screen has been a major contributor to this phenomenon. There is no age limit to this condition as even children will be found spending much time on the computer and TV screens and straining their eyes as a result.

Natural Eye Care Remedies
These remedies are mainly ayurvedic. Ayurvedic is a whole-body healing system that is based on the belief that health and wellness of a person depend on a delicate balance between the body, mind, and spirit.

Eye Muscle stimulation
On waking up, wash your face with cool or cold water. You then fill your mouth with water, shut your eyes and splash cold water onto them. This stimulates the eye muscles because of the exerted pressure by the water in your mouth. The cold water splash on your face assists to enliven the nerve endings and rejuvenates the skin.

Tridoishic Eye Wash
It is not advisable to splash water directly in the eyes; instead give them the tridoishic wash. The eye wash involves washing your eyes with the liquid from churna that has been soaked in water overnight. For effectiveness, you should wash your eyes twice in a day. This eyewash helps in relaxing and relieving the eyes from stress.

Exercise to improve eyesight
Exercise stimulates the muscles surrounding your eyeballs. Rotate the eyeballs to the right then to the left and then move them up and down. This should be done both in the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions for at least four times.

Blink the Eyelids
The most natural way to renew the eye moisture and give the eye relief is blinking. To relax your eyes, ensure that you blink every 5 to 6 seconds.

Give your eyes the needed rest
Ayurvedic practitioners have used this technic for several years. For 30-seconds, rub the palms of your both hands until you fell them warming up. Place them gently over the eyes and hold them in place for one minute or until the heat decreases. Open your eyes slowly and do not look at any bright light directly and allow your eyes to get accustomed to the environment change.

Healthy Diet
In addition to these exercises, your diet also contributes to the repair and renewal process of the eye.

A healthy eye diets should consist of the following:

Carrots and Amla: you can take a cup of carrot ad alma juice in the morning while you still have an empty stomach. These two are rich in vitamin A and are good antioxidants.

Copper rich foods: copper is a micronutrient with significant benefits as an antibacterial agent. Drinking one liter of copper water has several healing properties to the eye and other body organs.

Vitamin A-rich foods: ensure that you incorporate foods rich in vitamin A in your daily diet. Foods like green leafy diets, carrots, oranges, amla, fig, and almonds.

A mixture of the above-named exercises and the diet will significantly improve your eyesight. They are all natural remedies and are easy ways of caring for your eye health.