How Invisalign Invisible Braces Work

Invisalign is a name which has lately become synonymous with braces and teeth alignment, and a great many people have expressed interest in the invisible braces or clear braces which are designed and manufactured by Invisalign, and available through approved Invisalign dentists nationwide. Whether or not you have heard of Invisalign, the very idea of invisible braces is clearly likely to be of interest to anyone considering teeth alignment.

The process of invisible braces works gradually to straighten up the uneven teeth with the help of invisible plastic aligners. These aligners are able to move teeth incrementally. The invisible braces are the perfect solution for those individuals who want to re-position their crooked teeth but at the same time don’t want to wear the conventional metallic braces.

The Invisalign Process

An expert orthodontist must be consulted at the outset of treatment otherwise you may not get the desired results. The orthodontist will prepare a computerised imaging of the teeth of the patient in order to craft the customised Invisalign invisible braces. The three-dimensional imaging of the teeth and jaw shape of the patient help in deciding the suitable size and shape of the invisible aligners. In fact, a series of clear aligners are crafted because each of the successive aligners uses minimal pressure to move the teeth towards their correct placement.

Generally, every individual case calls for a specific number of Invisalign braces in its series, still on average 18-30 Invisalign trays are utilised for a typical malocclusion. Each set of Invisalign invisible braces are easily removable and have to be worn for two weeks. After two weeks the next consecutive aligner in the set is applied. The procedure is conducted gradually until the teeth are moved to their desired position.

The Advatages of Invisalign Braces

One of the significant advantages of Invisalign braces is that they rectify the uneven and crooked set of teeth very inconspicuously. No-one knows whether a patient is wearing the aligners or not. They are therefore a wonderful option for dental treatment for mature people who would find it difficult to be seen to be wearing metallic braces day and night. Often adults do not resort to any kind of orthodontic treatment simplly because they despise the sight and inconvenience caused due to conventionl metallic braces.

The Invisalign invisible braces are the best and most suitable solution for them as they can wear the transparent braces without letting the whole world know they are having orthodontic treatment

Another important benefit brought in by Invisalign clear aligners is perfect oral hygiene. While traditional metal braces were fixed for the entire treatment time, the Invisalign braces can be conveniently removed to eat food

Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign aligners can be removed to allow the patient to brush their teeth and also to floss as normal. This also keeps the aligners clean and therefore resist staining and becoming smelly! Plus there are almost no restrictions for food and drinks as prescribed for those with metallic braces, The aligners may be removed easily while eating any kind of sweet or sticky food.

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