Common Problems Experienced By Denture Wearers

A lot of people think that most of their dental problems will be resolved once they decide to wear dentures. Note, however, that this is a misconception. In fact, several denture wearers say that their decision to wear dentures caused them to experience new problems.

One main issue is that once the problematic tooth is removed, the bone beneath it, as well as your gums, will continuously shrink, causing them to change their shape. This further leads to newer and more difficult challenges.

If you are thinking of fixing the issues that you have with your teeth through dentures, then take note of the following problems commonly encountered by denture wearers, so you can decide whether it is really the best move for you.

1. Ill-fitting dentures – You will most likely experience pain if you wear dentures that do not fit or rest snugly against your gums, or if they tend to slide around with even just a slight movement. Swelling and soreness may also happen if the dentures start rubbing against your gums. Leaving this problem untreated can make you feel utmost pain and discomfort, making the act of wearing your dentures intolerable.

2. Irritation – Another of the most common problems experienced by denture wearers is irritation, which usually happens when eating something. The good news is that you can ask your dentist to make minor adjustments on the dentures to address minor to severe irritations. If you noticed that the area is already irritated, make sure to remove the dentures. Before visiting your dentist, however, it is advisable to wear the dentures again, so the specific irritation that you are complaining about will become visible on your gums. This will allow your dentist to determine the exact problem, and make the necessary adjustments.

3. Eating problems – You may also experience eating problems during the early stages of wearing dentures. This is the main reason why your dentist may advise you to eat soft foods and liquids, like soft bread, eggs and soups during the first few days/weeks. Gradually expose yourself to harder foods until you feel more comfortable eating them with your dentures on.

4. Mouth infections – There are also those who got infected from wearing dentures. One type of infection that you may encounter is cheilosis, which can cause utmost discomfort, inflammation and cracks in your mouth. The primary cause of this infection is the accumulation of yeast in the specific parts of your mouth with too much moisture. You need to visit your dentist to have this problem fixed. You may also suffer from stomatitis, which is another infection triggered by overexposure to yeast.

Wearing dentures is an effective way to solve certain dental problems, but you have to be aware of the negative side effects, so you can decide whether it is the best option for you. Also, note that it is possible to correct common denture problems with the help of your dentist.