Wrapping and Scrubbing your Way to Becoming Cellulite-free

portraitUsing body wraps to remove cellulite has been done since the products hit the market in the 1990s. There are three kinds of body wraps – hydrating, detoxifying, and slimming. Since cellulite is connected with excess body fat, the slimming body wrap will be the most helpful kind of wrap.

A slimming body wrap works by covering up a part of your body underneath a layer of heat. When the heat is applied, or when a thermal blanket has already been wrapped all over your body, you start to sweat. The sweat not only removes toxins, but it also burns the excess fat you have. Since toxins were mentioned, it is just right to clarify that toxins do not directly cause cellulite. Toxins only add to the unhealthy substances in your body but they are not the main culprit for dimpled skin.

There are also body wraps that are applied rather than cover your body. An example of this is the seaweed body wrap wherein it is put all over your body and stays for a good 30 minutes. A seaweed body wrap helps in increasing your metabolism because the vitamins and minerals of seaweed go deep into your body. Boosting your metabolism helps in burning excess fat that forms cellulite.

Body wraps work better when you have a body scrub first. There are certain scrubs that you can make at home for an easy and cheaper alternative to the expensive cellulite treatments. One common scrub is the coffee scrub where you mix coffee grounds with brown sugar and coconut oil. Mix them well so they form a paste-like substance. Once you are satisfied with the consistency, you can apply them on the body parts that have cellulite.

Massage it in a circular motion to stimulate removal of excess fat. Another scrub to try is the sea salt scrub. Mix this with brown sugar in an equal amount and add olive oil, vanilla extract, and honey. Unlike the coffee scrub that you apply on dry skin, the sea salt scrub can be applied during a shower. You can use a washcloth so it is easier to apply. Wait for around 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off using cold water.

You can also try dry brushing. All you need is a bristled dry brush. Before taking a shower, rub it all over your body, again in a circular motion, to stimulate proper blood circulation. Brush your skin lightly so as to not make it dry after. Your goal is to stimulate blood circulation, so don’t scrub as if you’re removing all the dead skin cells. Also, make sure that the brush and your skin is dry. You can apply dry brushing twice a week or as often as every day.