Why Invisalign Costs More Than Braces

Searching around for an orthodontist to help straighten out your teeth with Invisalign? If so, than you should realize that orthodontists are experts at straightening out smiles with traditional orthodontic devices, like metal bands and brackets. Invisalign is a completely different animal. Where metal braces are placed by the dentist, Invisalign, for the most part, is performed by computer software.

Invisalign are plastic trays, not “braces.” Many people call then invisible braces, but in reality, they look more like the retainers dentists have their patients wear after they have their braces taken off. Braces, in and of themselves are a high-ticket item, and that’s because you are paying for the dentist’s expertise in placing the brackets, and bands, on properly; while also guiding you through the year long process as well. Invisalign follows a different set of rules.

Invisalign is a high-ticket item because of the software that was created to help design the trays that will slowly, but surely, move the teeth into their proper position over time. In addition, you have other benefits like the “see-through factor,” that plays a big part in their pricing. Braces are hated becasue, let’s face it, they look terrible. There’s no way around it. You can try to talk yourself into believing that braces are beautiful, and teenagers are coloring them in to give them a better look as well, but the truth is braces are just really hard to look at when you’re having a conversation with someone.

Invisalign is made up of pliable, clear plastic, that fits around the contours of your teeth. This creates an effect whereby people can have a whole conversation with an Invisalign patient and never know they were wearing them. This benefit is one of the key contributing factors to someone getting involved in Invisalign.

And it’s for these, and many other, reasons why dentists charge over $5,000 to have Invisalign created for their patients. Unfortunately, dental insurance companies do not seem to recognize Invisalign as necessary treatment, which means you need to come out of pocket for them. If you are serious about oral health, and more importantly, how you look, than the investment you are going to make with this treatment will more than pay for itself over the course of your lifetime.

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