Trying To Decide Between A Bridge Or An Implant?

Many patients looking to replace a missing tooth are often asking dentists what the difference between a bridge and crown, and a dental implant. We’re going to try to settle the score, once and for all, in this article.

The job of a dental crown is to restore the tooth; making it last as long as possible. Crowns are used when the structure of a tooth has been compromised. Bridges are used to replace lost teeth. An Anchor, or abutment tooth, is the crowned tooth which is connected to the denture-supporting portion of the bridge.

One the major disadvantages of this procedure is having a healthy tooth destroyed in order to place set the bridge up properly. The “bridge,” is actually a crown that has been cemented onto another crown. The only way the bridge can work, is when a good tooth is ground down a nub, and replaced with the prosthetic. Once the prosthetic is in place, the patient has replaced their tooth.

Advantages of crowns and bridges
Bridges, and crowns, when done properly, are rarely touched once the process has been completed. The reason is because, unlike dentures, crowns and bridges really do feel like your natural teeth. They are not a removable prosthesis, that will fall out, or shift around, at the most inopportune times. In addition, a bridge will give the patient their ability to chew again. Again, unlike dentures, crowns and bridges help keep the masticatory system intact; allowing the patient to ground food to a pulp.

Crowns and bridges are very durable, with a shelf life of twenty plus years. There are very few prosthetics that boast that kind of durability – except that implants can boast that as well. Implants, unlike bridges, can be performed for each individual tooth – and do not need the aid of any other teeth to work properly. Implants are also the only option that performs like an actual tooth. Once it is in place, the patient can floss around it, like they would a real tooth, and eat with the same force like they did with their original tooth.

In the end, the choice is really up to you. However, if you are interested in having implant work done, and you live in New York City, then visit the Tooth Implant Pros of Brooklyn first, before you decide to shop around. You can find them by searching, “best dental implants brooklyn,” online. They should appear on the first page of search. get their contact information, and schedule a complimentary oral examination. Once that’s done, you can then spend a few minutes discussing your options with the dentist as well.