Things You Need To Know About General Dentistry

General dentistry includes procedures and services that aim to preserve your smile. You have the confidence to flash those pearly whites when you know that you have great teeth. Your general dentist can help you maintain your oral health, as well as make you feel and look great all of the time.

Your oral health may affect your general health. Medical research has discovered the links between general health conditions, including your heart, and common oral infections. You should not take chances, and do everything that you need to do to ensure the health of your gums, teeth, and other oral tissues.

If you have young children in the family, it is best to start teaching them the health-promoting habits of oral care. Once they developed these beneficial habits, there is a huge chance that they may continue doing them until they grow old.

A general dentist offers the following:

1. Preventative Services

The services include oral prophylaxis, dental check-up, and X-rays that can help your dentist determine the problem, and prevent it from causing more problems. Your general dentist may recommend a dental procedure or preventative treatment to stop the disease. They may give you some tips to help you improve your oral hygiene.

2. General Health Concerns

Your oral health may mirror your overall health. Some dental problems may occur due to certain health issues. You may also encounter a health problem caused by a certain oral disease.

Some untreated oral infections can cause pregnancy complications, a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease, and others. A general dentist can identify the health issues that affect your oral health. They may present the most suitable dental treatment, or refer you to the right health professional to treat your disease.

A general dentist may also recommend nutritional counseling, and offer information on general health and wellness.

3. Restorative Services

Fillings are the most common dental restoration procedure in general dentistry. The dentist needs to remove the decayed tooth material first, then clean the affected area before filling the cavity.

A general dentist may also offer a place where you can go to when you are in need of immediate treatment for a knocked-out, loosened tooth, or other dental trauma. They can identify the cause of your tooth pain or gum problem, and recommend the most suitable treatment. They may also offer bridgework, place crowns, and recommend a procedure for missing teeth.

Your general dentist may also help you with your dentures, dental implants, orthodontics, root canal therapy, and other advanced treatments.

4. Cosmetic Procedures

The cosmetic procedures include cosmetic bonding, teeth whitening, and using porcelain veneers. You may also ask your general dentist about a smile makeover.

Go ahead and visit your general dentist today. Your teeth may already need a treatment right now.