The Conditions And Procedures Oral Surgeons Are Skilled In

Oral surgeons are skilled in a wide variety of different surgeries. Most people do not really know much about them to begin with, let alone the kind of skills and knowledge that they possess.

Learning more about the kind of surgeries that oral surgeons are capable of performing is a huge step towards understanding how to find proper oral healthcare. In today’s world, one can never be too careful or cautious. It is best to arm oneself with information as to avoid making a wrong move.

Thankfully, learning what oral surgeons are capable of will not take too long. Here is a brief rundown of the surgeries and work that oral surgeons can accomplish.

General Facial Surgery

Oral surgeons undergo extensive education and training in school. Not just anyone can become an oral surgeon. To acquire certification, an oral surgeon must undergo education from an accredited dental school, and earn a license in the state where they choose to practice. Only then may they get a certified diploma from the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Oral surgeons also undergo an additional training in an accredited hospital for at least four years. In fact, oral surgeons train right alongside medical residents of general surgery, plastic surgery, advanced anesthesia, pathology, as well as medicine. Oral surgeons can treat patients in outpatient facilities, surgery centers, in a dental practice setting, as well as a hospital.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

This is the line of work most people are shocked to learn about. Oral surgeons are actually capable of performing reconstructive or cosmetic surgery on a personĂ¢s face. They have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the surgery.

The main difference between an oral surgeon and a plastic surgeon is that it is the latter’s main line of work, while it is something complimentary to the former. While capable, it must be understood that oral surgeons were trained and geared more towards oral health care. Those who are very conscious about their looks or the reconstruction of their face during surgery will do well to add a plastic surgeon to the dental team when undergoing a major surgery.

Placement of Dental Implants

Lost or impacted teeth need to be replaced. A tooth that has undergone so much loss and degeneration also needs some form of replacement. These are things that oral surgeons are trained for. Aside from general facial and reconstructive surgery, oral surgeons are trained in helping put dental implants into place.

It must be noted that they are not the professionals who are experts in smile design. These are things that are left to dental healthcare professionals who have undergone the right kind of training for it. Think of the oral surgeon as the engineer, and the dentists as the architects.