Know The Benefits Of Invisalign Beforehand

Invisalign is being offered today by dentists all over the continental United States. This is because Invisalign doesn’t require a dentist to have a degree in orthodontic training to help patients straighten teeth with. And it’s for this reason that Invisalign is the number one selling clear aligner on the market today. It’s not becasue of how fantastic the product is; and it really is fantastic, it’s because the system Align Technology Inc., the creators of Invisalign, were able to put together is second to none.

Think about this – at one point in time, dentists who were not orthodontists were forced to send patients away to these “specialists.” If you were an orthodontist, the rationale at the time was, “You send me patients who need braces, and every time I have a patient who needs general dentistry I’ll send to them to you.” This was the deal many orthodontists made with general dentists; but who do you think made out on this deal most of the time? Of course the orthodontist!

How many people, who need general dentistry, are going to show up to an orthodontist’s office? But there are many people who end up in a general dentist’s office, and are told they need braces – see how this can be a little frustrating for the general dentist? Well, this all changed in 1997 when Invisalign was introduced. Now, any dentist who was certified in Invisalign’s training program, could offer teeth straightening solutions in their office. And they did – and a whole new industry was introduced – clear aligners.

Here’s why any dentist can offer Invisalign – the work is mostly done by the computer software Align provides their dentists with. The dentist takes a few measurements of the mouth, and proceeds to enter that information into the computer. The computer does it’s magic, and a step-by-step solution is spit out for the dentist to cover with the patient.

The plans are then sent to the lab where technicians create “trays” that the patient will be wearing throughout the length of the treatment. These trays are made of plastic and are almost invisible to the naked eye; giving the patient the ability to have treatment performed on them without anyone having a clue it’s taking place right in front of their eyes. In addition, these trays are removable, so a patient can take them off for high level sports activities, eating, and dental hygiene.

Is there any reason why these aligners are so popular today? Now that you have an understanding, it’s time to go online, and look up ” Invisalign Braces NYC,” to begin creating you dream smile today!.