Keeping Up Your Strength While Dealing With Cancer Treatment

Some cancers can affect the ability to eat, especially to swallow. Also, some cancers in the stomach or other parts of the digestive system may leave you feeling full, even if you haven’t been eating anything at all. Cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy can leave you feeling nauseous or too weak to bother
eating. Even on days when you are not feeling nausea you still may not have much of an appetite.

You could be too worried or stressed out to eat. You may be too depressed to eat. Trying to eat to keep your strength up is important so that your chances of a positive outcome are increased. There are some things to bear in mind when dealing with cancer,
no matter what kind of cancer you have. Both radiation and chemo will reduce and weaken your immune system, so trying to stay strong is important. Careful planning of healthy organic snacks and meals can make it possible for you to have foods handy for when you feel up to eating.

How and When to Eat

In some kinds of cancer, there is a constant feeling of fullness in addition to a lack of appetite. In this case it may be necessary to begin eating on a schedule instead of waiting for hunger. It also might be easier to eat small amounts every one to two hours instead of eating at “normal” meal times and with normal portions. If
you have a moment when you feel hungry, then eat something. Don’t miss an opportunity to eat when you feel hungry. The cancer patient must limit or remove fluids during meals because you will fill up faster without providing the nutrition that you need. Drink fluids 30-60 minutes before or after your meal.

Its important to know what triggers your nausea. It might be colors, some smells or sights. It may be certain foods. Avoid the triggers and make the meal as pleasant as possible. If your doctor approves it and if you feel up to it, you may be able to take a walk in the fresh air to stimulate your appetite. However, there are some
precautions such as not walking in large crowds, not becoming tired or not walking in the rain or the cold due to the lowered immune system.

Getting Extra Protein

Healthy protein helps to build the system in addition to playing an important role with a range of other responsibilities within the body. People with illness or following surgery need extra protein so that their body can work to heal itself. There are two sources of protein, animal- and plant-based. For those who are currently fighting
back from cancer, red meat is considered a no-no and should be avoided. If you do not want or like red meat, however, there are numerous choices for protein that can be used.

Using a protein supplement is easier than trying to deal with eating meat which should be avoided anyway. Most people dont realize that plants are a great source of protein. After all, look at a Gorilla. Gorillas are vegans, enough said!