Gummy Smile Treatments And Essential Information To Know

In case you think that your teeth, especially the upper ones, are too short and your gums appear to be overshadowing your teeth whenever you smile, you might have the condition that dentists in Oxon Hill call “gummy smile”. As its name suggests, having it will make your gums attract more attention than your teeth. Thankfully, it can be fixed.

Treatment Options

So, how can your gummy smile be fixed? Here are your treatment options:

1. If your gummy smile is not that severe, you can opt for a same-day laser treatment.

2. If it seems that your lips are part of the problem, you might need surgical lip repositioning.

3. If your teeth are not aligned property, and are making your gums show more, you will need to use orthodontic braces.

4. If your facial bones are causing the gummy smile, you might need maxillofacial surgery.

5. And if the problem is truly caused by your gums and the bones that support them, you will need some surgical sculpting.

Gummy Smile Causes

A gummy smile can be caused by multiple factors. The treatment depends on which part of your face or mouth is causing you to have a gummy smile.

Here are three of the main causes:

1. The upper jawbone can play a huge part in a gummy smile case. If the upper jawbone grows more than its usual size, your smile and even the way you speak can become affected.

2. The muscles on the upper lip can also cause a gummy smile. People with hyperactive upper lip muscles tend to have upper lips that lift higher than the usual level when they smile. Due to that, their gums are shown more.

3. The gums can be a problem. If a problem occurs in the development of the gums, even if the teeth grow normally, the gums can get in the way and make teeth appear shorter.

These causes can easily alter your smile line. And when that happens, your smile will appear imbalanced and unsightly. Nevertheless, as the next section will discuss, this is not a serious health problem to worry about.

Gummy Smile: A Health or Aesthetic Problem?

Having a gummy smile does not mean you are unhealthy, or at risk of something health-threatening. It only affects how your smile appears, and can be ignored completely รข unless you care about how you look when you smile.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to get it fixed. Having a proper and attractive smile can allow you to get through social and work-related situations. On the other hand, fixing how your smile appears can instantly affect your facial appearance. Eliminating your gummy smile can make your gums appear better and more normal, your teeth will appear bigger (taller), your facial muscles will be more at ease, and the appearance of your lips will improve.

Of course, most of the treatment procedures for a gummy smile can be done by a dentist. However, if the surgical procedures are needed, you might need to go to a hospital, or an orthodontic dentist.